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Bad Magic Mushrooms Trip The Enemy Does Not Want

For thousands of years, people used magic mushrooms and other mind-altering substances in various healing rituals, initiation rites, and even contact with the afterlife. However, if you don’t want to do it literally, you need to know how to survive bad magic mushrooms trip.

But what is a bad trip exactly? Why is it dangerous? Read further to find out more.

How does psilocybin affect our brain?

We live in beautiful times, surrounded by technologies that make our lives easier. However, they also overstrain our primitive brains. If we leave information without our control, it seeps into our information bubble, expands, and fills it all. If this information and news are bad, they can cause sadness, depression, and anxiety. That’s why psilocybin became popular again, starting a “psychedelic renaissance.”

From the early Aztec cultures up to hippies and party animals, magic mushrooms make people happy. As well as other psychedelics such as the synthetic’ party drugs’ MDMA, hallucinogenic tea Ayahuasca, mescaline, DMT, weed and others. Even magic mushroom microdosing capsules help office plankton to survive long calls and meetings with the boss.

Unlike other drugs, psilocybin is 100% natural and has less harmful impact on our bodies and brain. According to the latest research, it helps to fight depression, anxiety and many other psychological conditions. So, how does it do it?

Psilocybin affects the brain by binding to serotonin receptors, particularly the 5-HT2A receptor. This leads to changes in perception, mood, and thought. In higher doses, it causes visual and auditory hallucinations. Brain imaging studies show psilocybin increases connectivity between different areas of the brain, which might explain the altered states of consciousness and thought patterns.

It also affects areas of the brain involved in arousal and panic responses. These effects lead to the varied emotional effects reported by those who tried magic shrooms and push us back to our main theme — how to survive a bad magic mushrooms trip.

Why bad trip is dangerous?

So, it’s not without reason that we talked so much about information and emotions in the previous paragraph. A bad trip is when you get stuck in your information bubble, filled not with funny cat memes but with endless flashbacks of the saddest things you saw.

A bad trip from psychedelics like psilocybin is dangerous because it can cause intense fear, anxiety, and confusion. These negative emotions lead to:

  • Panic attacks;
  • Risky behavior;
  • Harm to oneself or others.

In some cases, a bad trip can trigger or worsen mental health problems like psychosis, especially in those with a predisposition. The distressing effects can also lead to lasting psychological effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

How to avoid (or survive if it happened) bad magic mushrooms trip

We understood that a bad trip is something you (and your enemy) really don’t want to experience. But what to do if it already happened? We combined a short guide for you with simple tips on how to avoid a bad trip (and survive if you’re already on it). Before you read it, you probably noticed a picture above. It contains the golden psychedelic rule – start low and go slow. So, firstly, to avoid a bad trip, you simply don’t need to eat more than 2G of dried magic mushrooms, like Penis Envy, for example.

And if you’re new to psychedelics, you definitely don’t want to lemon tek shrooms. Lemon tek is a way to make psilocin absorb faster. But that’s not the point. We wrote more about it in another guide, and you can read it here as well. Here are 10 tips to avoid or manage a challenging experience during a magic mushrooms trip:

  1. Create a safe environment. Ensure you’re in a quiet, comfortable place with minimal distractions. A peaceful setting significantly impacts your experience;
  2. Be mindful of your mental state. If you’re feeling anxious or uneasy, it might not be the best time for a trip. Try to enter the experience with a positive mindset, perhaps after meditating or journaling to address any negative emotions;
  3. Set positive intentions. Before starting, think about what you hope to achieve or explore during your trip. This can help navigate your experience, especially if you’re processing recent life events or emotions;
  4. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Cutting out substances like alcohol and weed beforehand makes your experience more meaningful. We also advise to have a brief detox to clear your mind and body;
  5. Stay hydrated. Drink water and fluids to stay hydrated. Having snacks on hand can also help moderate the intensity of your trip. You can also start your trip by eating psilocybin edibles. They are a great way to avoid the unpleasant mushroom taste and raise serotonin levels by chewing delicious Funguyz peach psilocybin gummies or sweet magic mushroom chocolate bars. Perfect for newbies!;
  6. Try to keep calm. If you encounter discomfort, remind yourself or the person affected that the effects are temporary. Staying calm and breathing deeply helps you relax;
  7. Change the environment. Understanding that you are on a bad trip is already part of the solution. Changing pressing surroundings and adding fun activities usually help. Moving to a different area, listening to calming music, or engaging in a light activity perfectly shifts the mood and makes you happier;
  8. Ensure support. Having a trusted friend or trip sitter nearby provides reassurance and assistance if needed;
  9. Remember that it’s temporary. Keep in mind that the effects of magic mushrooms are not permanent. Unfortunately or fortunately, everything ends. If we’re talking about healing trips, it can be sad, but in case of a bad trip, such perspective helps manage anxiety;
  10. Seek help if necessary. As we already said, awareness of the problem is the first step to solving it. If the experience becomes overwhelmingly negative, don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance or consult a mental health professional.

Thank you for reading up to the end. Now, you are armed with the necessary information to survive a bad magic mushrooms trip. However, we hope you will never experience it. Buy top-quality 100% natural magic mushrooms and edibles at our number 1 magic mushrooms online dispensary or physical location in Toronto and across Ontario. With us, you can tell shrooms, “You had to fight evil, Not to join it!” and actually experience only benefits from the best products.