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Golden Teacher is probably the safest and the mildest strain of Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms. It is good for both beginners and experienced psychonauts. As always, it is a question of dosing. For beginners, Golden Teacher’s light way of action can open a door to an endless spiritual journey. It still has something to offer for magic shrooms veterans, since higher doses give stronger effects.

Here is what makes Golden Teacher special

  • Fascinating golden cap and appearance;
  • Slow and safe trips without colorful hallucinations, but with deep spiritual experience;
  • Long history of safe usage for therapeutic needs.

As with other magic mushrooms, Golden Teachers’ trips are life-changing. They promote self-discovery along with ego breaking on higher doses. With the right “set and setting” you will get a reliable trip and altered state of consciousness for at least 4 hours.

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Golden Teacher - Dosage

Low golden teacher doses are perfect for beginners since they can push them lightly behind the brains and “me” curtains. Many shroom connaisseurs consider Golden Teacher mushrooms experience transformative, to say the least. Here are our recommendations for dried mushroom doses, so the trip will go as planned.
  • Micro dose to start life-altering journey is 0,3 - 0,7 grams;
  • Minimal recreational dose 0,7 to 1,2 grams makes you feel happier and relaxed;
  • Full recreational: 1,2 grams to 2,2 grams cure your body and soul;
  • High dose 2,2 grams to 3,4 grams for deep journey into yourself;
  • Heroic: everything behind 4 grams is considered to be dangerous, even for experienced users.
There is no perfect dose for particular effects. It depends on the quality of a mushroom itself, your inner state, the set that you are in and many other factors. We recommend trying a small piece of magic shroom at first, waiting for an hour or two and only then increasing the dose to find your “sweet spot”.

Golden Teacher - Administration

There is no more appropriate form of administration of mushrooms than eating them. Psilocybin, contained in magic mushrooms, naturally breaks down into Psilocin, the actual psychoactive compound. Golden Teacher's taste is sweet and sour, fruitful and you can expect nothing but rich taste of mushrooms in its broadest sense. If you don’t like mushrooms’ taste, but still want to get to know yourself better, here are some tips:
  • Make mushroom pieces as small as possible;
  • Eat them on an empty stomach to get stronger effects faster;
  • Add your magic shrooms to any cold dish you like.
We don’t recommend adding them in hot dishes, like making tea or soup, since high temperatures “break” psilocybin making your whole mushroom pack useless in a psychoactive sense. What is more, we have a tremendous quantity of high-quality mushroom edibles that taste sweet, while giving you the same effects.

Golden Teacher - Safety & Efficiency Rules

The most important thing with magic mushrooms is there should be absolutely NO MIXING at all. If you plan to trip and trip well — forget about the alcohol, as well as about psychoactive medications. We also recommend having a sober friend that will watch you while you trip, a so-called trip sitter. It is always great to have someone you can trust by your side:
  • For beginners it will provide a state of mind and confidence that a trip will go as planned;
  • For professionals, a trip-sitter will be a “guarantee” of returning to reality and a reliable guide who will be there and help if something goes wrong;
  • Remember that all magic shrooms reports aren’t scientifically proven, it is your responsibility to dose properly and not to cross the brink of propriety.
Take care of all your chores beforehand and make sure that 2-4 hours are only yours. Use electronic balance to weigh your dose precisely. Even a small microgram change can dramatically change expected effects. Free your mind from worries and don’t expect something mind–blowing. Each trip is unique, so relax and entrust yourself to your new spiritual Teacher.

Golden Teacher - Effects &What to Expect

The whole Golden Teacher’s trip commonly lasts from 2 to 5 hours, depending on your previous experience and psilocybin tolerance. The peak is in the first or second hour and the first effects can be seen from 20-30 min. Unlike other magic shrooms, Golden Teachers are very mild, they act fastly, but gently wrap you in a trip. It won’t be long since you stop understanding who you are and what you are doing. One of the key factors that influences your magic shrooms experience is the dosage, so here is a breakdown of the effects at different dosages:

Micro dose:

  • Full body relaxation;
  • Felling of a deep connection between your ego and the Universe;
  • Creative way of thinking.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Mild visuals;
  • Strong flush of thoughts (the ones where where you are just a spectator);
  • Deeper look into yourself, rather social experience.

Full recreational dose:

  • Stronger visual and hearing hallucinations;
  • Something that reminds Synesthesia, when you can see the color of the music or feel a picture;
  • Feeling rejuvenated after a trip.

High dose:

  • Ego transformation;
  • Intense psychological experiences;
  • Euphoria and absolutely new spiritual connections.

Heroic dose:

No one can tell for sure what happens if you go that far. On this point, some side effects, such as nausea and headache can occur, especially if you’re not very experienced in spiritual journeys. Remember, that all reports are obscure. It is hard to keep a record of what is going on when you’re tripping. So, start low and gradually increase the dose, if you believe in yourself and your tolerance.

When to use Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teachers are used for various purposes. Anything, starting from recreational purposes to heavy psychedelic experiences. What is more, it is the most popular strain used in edibles. Here are a few examples when you can take Golden Teachers:
  • For recreational purposes: a microdose of a Golden Teacher during the festival or other social meeting can increase your mood and make you feel more connected to people around you. You can also take them when going for a walk in a familiar area to feel more connected with nature. In the museum or art gallery you understand art in greater detail and feel emotions the painter had;
  • For mental wellness: there are various studies on the official websites that research safe use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms on the body and for mental disorders treatments. Golden Teacher strain can be the one of the first magic mushrooms officially used for PTSD, depression and other disorders treatment;
  • For spiritual breakthroughs: as it was previously mentioned, Golden Teacher strain has shamanic properties. It is more psychoactive than psychedelic, meaning that even if it doesn't give you hallucinations, it still makes you feel mysterious introspections and a sense of oneness with the Universe.
There are many ways and reasons to take magic mushrooms and it will definitely take a lot of your time to find the best option for your personal needs. It is recommended to start in familiar places or at home, in a safe zone to get a stress-free safe trip. Plus, some users report feeling dizzy after consuming a microdose of Golden Teacher. If you tested it at home and feel completely comfortable with it, feel free to go out and experience a ton of new emotions.

Golden Teacher - Appearance

Colorful, yellowish appearance is what really makes Golden Teachers stand out and worth their name. Unlike other magic mushrooms, they have an elegant “skirt” when matured.
  • Size: above average, 3-8 inches (7-20 cm) tall;
  • Cap: bell-shaped when growing, flat with cracked edges at maturity; gradient colored — brighter on the edges and dark brown in the middle, has beautiful yellowish-golden speckles that remind freckles; 2-4 inches (6-8cm) in diameter;
  • Stem: usually proportionally thinner than a cap, long, yellowish with white flesh inside; straight and tight, can be wider at the bottom; grows a skirt when matured.
Even when dried, Golden Teacher saves its proud golden shade. You can buy Golden Teacher online in Canada in our store and get the most beautiful, carefully picked and dried mushrooms.

Golden Teacher - Origins

The cubensis fungus as a species was first discovered by American mycologist and biologist Franklin Sumner Earle in 1906 on the island of Cuba, north of the Caribbean Sea. He assigned it to the genus Stropharia. In the title, "cubensis" means "Cuban" and refers to the place where the species was discovered. In 1948, the German scientist Rolf Singer, in his publication in the journal Sydowia, transferred it to the genus Psilocybe. As for the strain Golden Teacher, its exact origin is unknown. It is believed that Golden Teacher appeared in the Florida desert in the USA in the late 1980s. This fungus became extremely popular fastly due to its easy cultivation abilities and nice trips.


The most common Golden Teacher’s variation is Albino Golden Teacher. It was created and widely spreaded by crossbreeding Albino A+ and Golden Teacher Psilocybe cubensis strains. As it follows from the title, it is more about aesthetics. Albino Golden Teachers possess the same effects, but their color is pale white.


There are a lot of P. cubensis alternatives, but Golden Teacher is the one and only strain in which pricing correlates with Psilocybin potency directly. However, if you want something more potent, we recommend to buy Amazonian magic mushroom strain. They are very similar in their psychoactive effects. The main difference between them is that Amazonian contains more psilocybin and psilocin in it.