Psilobites Mood 5 G – Psilocybin Chocolate Bar

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Both psilocybin and chocolate have been proved to increase dopamine production to make us happier. Imagine what happens if you combine these two… The tastiest psilocybin chocolate bar is what happens! Psilobites Mood bar has unlimited power to deliver all kinds of positive effects, starting from 1 piece (0.25g) to bring the smile back to your face up to full-scale 5g dose to lift you to euphoric state and higher.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Andrew (Toronto, CA)

This bar is good for doses like 1 to 2g but if you decide to do what I did and eat the whole bar 5g you will get sent to another fucking dimension, extreme visuals, lots of laughing, but at the end of the trip, a lot of mental pain feeling every single emotion at once plus thinking 1000 thoughts at once seeing entities some crazy shit

M.S. (Trieste, IT)

I got 2g for my first time, it had a very positive impact for my life and I hope I won’t forget what I saw

Mandy W. (Toronto, CA)
This one’s my fave!!

So many laughs, this is my favourite chocolate bar for sure!! Excellent for group socializing!!

Teresa J. (Toronto, CA)
Great Trip!

Taste delish! Ate 2 rows which I believe is 2 grams. Had a great night! Felt trippy, happy and giggly! My friends who had 1 row each had quite the trip as well.

Gaganpreet S.