Psilobites Micro 7.5 G – Psilocybin Chocolate Cubes


Psilobites Micro magic mushroom chocolate bar is a supreme mix of the finest chocolate and 7.50g of pure psilocybin. Energy bar is extremely easy to dose. Experience all shades of uplifted mood starting from 1 piece for barely noticeable liveliness growth to the whole bar for the maximum power upgrade.

SAFETY NOTE: Don’t mix magic mushroom bars with alcohol and medications. This blend may have harmful and unpredictable effects on your body and mind.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Andrew (Toronto, CA)

This bar is good for doses like 1 to 2g but if you decide to do what I did and eat the whole bar 5g you will get sent to another fucking dimension, extreme visuals, lots of laughing, but at the end of the trip, a lot of mental pain feeling every single emotion at once plus thinking 1000 thoughts at once seeing entities some crazy shit

Teresa J. (Toronto, CA)
Great Trip!

Taste delish! Ate 2 rows which I believe is 2 grams. Had a great night! Felt trippy, happy and giggly! My friends who had 1 row each had quite the trip as well.

M.S. (Trieste, IT)

I got 2g for my first time, it had a very positive impact for my life and I hope I won’t forget what I saw

Gaganpreet S.


Anonymous (Burlington, CA)

Was very happy with my purchase