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Tidal Wave strain is a sophisticated and potent Penis Envy and B+ hybrid. All these strains belong to the Psilocybe cubensis species, and you probably think it can’t offer anything new to you. However, we are sure that its potency is something you have never experienced before. So, get ready to be swept away by the pure euphoria wave!

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How Much to Take

"Start low and go slow" thing always works for all kinds of substances. So here are general guidelines for dried Tidal Wave strain mushrooms.
  • Microdosing: 0,05-0,15 grams, recommended for beginners or first-time users for creativity boost and reduced anxiety;
  • Minimal recreational doses sometimes feel just like weed. Perfect for socializing. It starts from 0,8 and ends at 1 gram;
  • Full recreational: 1-2,5 grams. For experienced users only. Geometric patterns, mild sound and visual hallucinations;
  • High dose produces pure psychedelic experience, 2,5-4 grams;
  • Heroic: 4 and beyond.
TW is extremely potent strain, so even the doses written above may be too high for you. Remember – buy magic mushrooms online and you can't just stop the trip. So weight your dose carefully and wait for at least an hour to increase it.

Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms – Administration

Magic mushrooms have permeated various cultural and social spheres with their psychedelic prowess. Here are main ways to enjoy them:
  • Raw Consumption. Individuals may consume magic mushrooms in their natural state, either fresh or dried;
  • Tea. Brewing the mushrooms into a tea is a common method, often mixed with other flavors to navigate its earthy taste. However, one should be cautious not to overheat them;
  • Cooking. Mushrooms can be incorporated into dishes, blending their distinctive flavour into a culinary experience;
  • Capsules. Some people grind dried mushrooms and encase them in capsules to avoid the direct taste. Or you can buy mushroom microdosing capsules online in our shop;
  • Chocolate, candies, psilocybin gummies. Infusing mushrooms into chocolates or candies, often as a means to moderate dosage and provide a palatable experience. You can also look for a dmt pen for an exclusive experience,
Navigating the mystical corridors facilitated by magic mushrooms demands a sensitive approach to wellbeing, legality, and ethics. Always prioritize your safety in any explorations of consciousness.

Tidal Wave – Safety & Efficiency Rules

No matter how much we love mushrooms, we also promote their safe use. Here are some tailored guidelines for mindful mushroom consumption:
  • Refrain from mixing with alcohol or any medications;
  • Organize your "set and setting" beforehand, ensuring all potential distractions are minimized for an optimal relaxed experience;
  • Opt for a secure and familiar environment, ideally your home.
It's beneficial to have a sober companion by your side to guide you if things take an unexpected turn. Start your trip prepared and in a good mood. If you feel bad, it can ruin your experience.

Tidal Wave - Effects & What to Expect

Magic mushrooms, containing the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, have the potential to induce a wide array of effects that are often described as psychedelic. They are mostly individual and depend on tons of factors. You'll feel your first euphoric sensations within 40-60 minutes, while the trip can last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. Here's a breakdown of the effects of Tidal Wave strain at different dosages:


  • Brightened colours;
  • You'll feel much happier;
  • Focus and problem-solving skills enhancement;
  • Reduced anxiety.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Altered perception of time and space;
  • Your couch becomes softer;
  • Increased sensory awareness;
  • Increased social skills;
  • Complete relaxation.

Full recreational dose:

  • Visual and sound hallucinations;
  • Emotions may become heightened and can fluctuate rapidly from euphoria to anxiety;
  • A sense of connectedness to a larger universe.

High dose:

  • Pure psychedelic experience;
  • Ego transformation possibilities;
  • Intense visuals, including geometric patterns and wavy shapes;
  • High spiritual sensations.

Heroic dose:

We can't even predict what happens on this level. It highly depends on personal introspection, mood, set and setting and other factors. You can expect minutes to feel like hours, and time might seem to stand still. Thought processes might become more fluid, abstract, or disorganized. It starts on lower dosages, but you won't even understand what a "thought" is on heroic ones.

When to Take Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is an extremely potent strain. It's better to divide our words in half. And if you're new to magic shrooms, we recommend picking lighter strains or eating tiny doses of TW:
  • Inward odyssey – some voyagers lean into the psilocybin experience, seeking a mirror into their deepest selves, questing through the intricate mazes of their consciousness and spirituality;
  • Communal sailing – the shared journey through the psychedelic seas, where a collective of individuals mutually embarks upon the psilocybin adventure, seeks to weave a tapestry of united experiences and strengthened bonds;
  • Healing journeys – with roots in emerging scientific explorations, psilocybin steps into therapeutic landscapes, cautiously being studied for its potential to be a balm for specific psychological ailments within strictly regulated clinical environments.
The multifaceted experiences that mushrooms usher in necessitate a grounded understanding and cautious approach. So, one should ensure safety in exploration.

Tidal Wave Appearance

Tidal Wave strain is tough to identify since it can show three different types of shrooms in one batch. Despite the widely told opinion that all P.cubensis strains are the same, Tidal Wave is genuinely unique:
  • Size: smaller than average size with long, dense stems;
  • Cap: bulbous, 0,5-1 inch, from pale white to creamy brown, sometimes may grow a blob on top of the cap. The most distinguishing feature that gave name to the strain is the wavy edges on the caps;
  • Stem: 6-8 inches, sometimes larger at the base and rippling near the cap, yellow to brown with pronounced bruising.
Sometimes, TW can produce blob mutations, like the Enigma strain, since they share the same genetics. When you receive your package with dried shrooms, don't be surprised. Tidal Wave not only packs a punch but also looks ultimately out of this world.

Tidal Wave Origins

Like many other strains on the market, no one can tell how exactly the Tidal Wave strain appeared. We can only assure you that it is the perfect storm, thanks to B+ and PE genetics. Public info says that the Tidalwave was made by the Magic Myco founder, Doma Nunzio, in 2017. Despite instability and other surprises, Tidal Wave offers perfect, potent trips and life-changing experiences. In 2021, the Tidal Wave strain was awarded the Gold Cup for Best Psilocybe Cubensis Strain at the Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup.

Tidal Wave Mushrooms – Variations

TW, as a hybrid, is a highly unstable strain. So, trying to cross it further is a risky trip. However, there are other known iterations produced by the same Magic Myco:
  • Tidalwave 2;
  • Tidalwave 3 Beast;
  • Tidalwave BXO.
The most famous stays Enigma (a cross between Tidal Wave and Penis Envy XB). You can buy Enigma online in Canada in our trusted magic mushroom store.


It's OK if you find Tidal Wave too potent for you. There are many high-quality alternatives in our magic mushroom dispensary ontario to suit every taste.

Penis Envy

A well-known fruity, potent strain. Unlike Tidal Wave, it's been tested for generations — a great option for experienced psychonauts who want to experience something new.

Golden Teacher

Significantly less body effects and mild psychedelic action. It is a perfect option for first-time consumers who don't know where to start.


A bit more potent than Golden Teacher and less punchy than Penis Envy. It is absolutely a must-try for anyone from first-time consumers to true shroom connoisseurs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael M. (Woodbridge, CA)
Amazing trip

It was amazing I took 4.5 grams before of this strain in a chocolate bar but a 3gram tea felt more powerful it lasted so long visuals were out of this world

Ian.C (Brampton, CA)

Took the recreational trip and it is amazing can't wait to finish the bag!!!

Matthew C. (Québec, CA)

Peferct, exactly what I wanted. Kudos!

Brandi M. (Windsor, CA)

These are the real deal. I should have read further into them though before partaking. I might have over-indulged and not been able to use them for the purposes initially intended on my end. That’s my own fault for not believing the main description that they were 4x as potent. I suggest you believe it! Lol They aren’t lying. Great stuff. -Just be prepared. :-)

Sian H. (Peterborough, CA)
Best I ever had

Amazing trip. Thank you!