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Psilocybe cubensis is indeed a common species of psychedelic mushroom. The Hillbilly strain is one of many cultivated varieties (or “cultivars“) of P. cubensis, although its origin stories, like many strains, can be a mix of fact and lore. However, one point about Hillbilly is checked – it offers big smiles and bouts of laughter.


What makes HillBilly magic mushrooms unique?

  • Microdose category winner of the Hyphae Cup in Spring 2022;
  • Extremely contamination resistant, which makes it easy to grow;
  • It can be found growing naturally on five different continents.


Hillbillies, despite their fancy name (we’ll tell you more about it in the Origins section), in terms of potency, are closer to Golden Teachers and Amazonian. They are must-try for beginners and intermediate shroomers. However, 0,69% average psilocybin content makes them even more potent than Blue Meanies.

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Hill Billy - How Much to Take

Each trip is unique, so take some time to experiment to find your "sweet spot." The figures below are just approximate numbers for dried shrooms. Use them as your starting point and adjust dosing if needed:
  • Microdose for an energy and happiness boost 0,25 g;
  • Minimal recreational dose 0,25 g to 1 gram;
  • Full recreational 1-2 grams;
  • A high dose where vivid hallucinations start is 2,5 to 5 grams;
  • Heroic: over 5 grams for a completely life-changing experience.
Always remember that countless factors influence mushroom potency and your trip. Free your schedule for at least 8 hrs, weigh your doses precisely and enjoy your trip!

How to Take Hillbilly

Hillbillies are just like normal shrooms in terms of taste. If you have ever tried to eat them raw, you probably know their taste isn't the most pleasant on Earth. However, eating raw mushrooms (preferably on an empty stomach) remains the most common and effective way to enjoy your trip. When you eat shrooms, you can mask their taste by eating or drinking something sweet right after ingestion. Lemon trekking and mushroom tea are quite popular ways to consume magic mushrooms too. For precise dosing and delightful taste, we recommend trying psilocybin chocolate bars, like a Hillbilly pumpkin psilocybin chocolate we have, or psilocybin gummies. And to enhance your everyday experience, microdosing capsules is your go to option.

HillBilly: Safety & Efficiency Rules

First things first – DON'T MIX psilocybin and other substances (alcohol, weed, medications, especially antidepressants). Here are 5 more tips for your safe trip:  
  1. Be prepared. No one knows how long take shrooms to kick in in your case;
  2. Free your schedule for the nearest 8-10 hours and relax;
  3. Set clear intentions for what do you want from your trip;
  4. Take shrooms in the safe environment, preferably in your room;
  5. Ask your most trusted friend to watch over you, just in case.
  It is also a good idea to have some food and water near you. Staying hydrated will help you avoid nausea and other possible side effects.

Hillbilly Magic Mushrooms – Effects & What to Expect

We will never get tired of repeating – each trip is unique. So we can't promise the exact effects. We can only promise premium quality of all our products and offer you an approximate range of effects from each dose.


  • Increased mood and creativity;
  • A big smile appears, along with a funny feeling in your guts;
  • Boosted problem-solving skills.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Possible closed-eye hallucinations;
  • Light to medium euphoric sensations;
  • High body experience.

Full recreational dose:

  • Enlightening feeling of your ego in your head;
  • Vivid visuals and possible sense of synesthesia;
  • You start to feel nature and your environment better.

High dose:

  • Dancing geometric shapes, lights and traces;
  • Time distortion;
  • Pure euphoria;
  • An overwhelming feeling of peace, joy and possibility.

Heroic dose:

  • Sound and open-eyed hallucinations;
  • Ego distortion;
  • Enhanced body effects;
  • Unpredictable sensations.
Heroic dose is for experienced users only. It's hard to predict what will happen during your trip and in what state of mind you will return.

Hillbillies Magic Mushrooms – Occasions

Feel free to use magic mushrooms as your socializing tool. Their sativa-like properties and mild trips make them perfect for walking in the park or listening to music at a festival. Other suggestions include:
  • Breaking usual patterns of thinking to become a better version of yourself;
  • Having fun with close friends;
  • Deepening bonds with the loved ones.
Always prioritize your health regardless of how you want to use hillbilly magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are already utilized for theurapetic purposes and for treating severe cases of depression, but it's ok if you want to use them recreationally.

HillBilly – Appearance

Unfortunately, there aren't many distinguishing features in hillbillies appearance. Those are typical P. cubensis representatives. But it's also a plus since you need to just buy HillBilly online in Canada and enjoy its dried stem/cap ratio in the package:
  • Size: average, 4-6 inches, sometimes produce chunky mutants in perfect growing conditions;
  • Cap: shallow and small, light golden to earthy brown in colouring, 1-1,5 inches wide;
  • Stem: tall, can be thinner than the cap, starts medium thick and gets wider towards the base.
Hillbillies clusters look exemplary for other magic mushrooms. Since they are fast colonizers and contamination-resistant, shroom lovers often breed them with other shrooms.

Hillbillies – Origins

Hillbilly has been known to the public for almost 25 years and recently got the attention it deserved. Here's a short overview of its history:  
  • The first hillbillies naturally grew in Arkansas;
  • A Mycotopia user with the nickname "Hillbilly" found them and collected spores somewhere from the late 90s to early 2000s;
  • Later, Hill Billy developed the strain, and it became extremely popular on the online mycology forums.
  We can't be sure whether this history is true. Many strains' origins remain unclear due to their illegal status. However, we hope we shed just enough light for you to ensure we sell the best magic mushrooms in Canada.

Hill Billy Variations

Despite hillbillies' impressive feature of giving big juicy fruits that are hard to spoil and constant rotation, getting a stable hybrid with their genetics is challenging. It has two dominating phenotypes, changing cap-to-stem ratio. New strains appear almost daily, especially between Hillbilly strain and other potent shrooms varieties.

Black Pearl

A cross between TBC Nebula and Hillbilly. Average shroom that is easy to grow. It took potency from Nebula and fruity stems from Hillbilly.

Country Cock

Its amusing name speaks for itself. So now you probably guessed that it's a cross of Penis Envy and Hill Billy. They have similar traits, but PE gave its potency to its country pal.


There are many magic mushrooms out there that are worth trying. Here are a few examples:

Golden Teacher

This strain is known for its spiritual and reflective effects, the closest to Hillbilly in terms of potency and effects. It produces milder high and more prolonged effects but is still great for beginners.


It's not so potent, but generations test it. The "grandfather" of psilocybin mushroom culture is known for its pleasant body sensations and vivid hallucinations.

Penis Envy

It's one of the most potent strains out there. Great option if you tried Hillbilly many times and are okay with psychedelics.

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