Mexicana – Magic Mushrooms


A distant echo of the past or a mushroom that started it all — Mexicana strain, also known as Psilocybe mexicana. The use of this mushroom dates back to over 2000 years to the times of the Aztecs and Mayans. Euphoria and colorful hallucinations are not the only things Mexicana can give you.

Here is what makes Mexicana so special:

  • Long history of use, it is a magic mushroom that kick-started psilocybin consumption in the West;
  • Intense multileveled spiritual trip with beautiful hallucinations and low impact on the body;
  • Distinct appearance and exclusive effects.

There is a lot of confusion between Mexicana, Liberty Caps and Teonanacatl. Mexicana does really look like Liberty Caps, but these are different species. Top-notch Mexicana that we sell derives from Psilocybe mexicana, while Liberty Caps are from Psilocybe semilanceata. Meanwhile Teonanacatl was also collected in Mexico and can be translated as “divine mushroom”, but also comes from other species — Psilocybe cubensis.

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Mexicana Magic Mushrooms – How Much Should You Take

Psilocybe mexicana is much less potent than the Psilocybe cubensis, even if it is grown in the lab, and lab samples are usually stronger, it has only ~0,25% of psilocin and psilocybin. However, a lot of mushroom connaisseurs report that Mexicana trip is somehow more intense than cubensis. From here, it follows that one should be extremely careful with the dose.
  • Micro dose for barely noticeable positive cognition effects: 0,5 to 1,25 grams;
  • Minimal recreational 1,5 – 2 grams;
  • Full recreational: 2 – 3,5 grams;
  • High dose for open-mindedness, heavy hallucinations and introspection: 3,5 to 5 grams;
  • Heroic: 5-7 grams or more at once (for extreme shroomies only).
It's important to keep in mind that each individual's response to the psilocybin may vary. As such, this guidance for dried magic shrooms should be taken as a general reference and not as a definitive prescription. Remember that it's always better to start with a lower dosage and work your way up in order to minimize potential risks and undesirable side effects.

Mexicana Magic Mushrooms – Administration

There are several ways to consume Mexicana, allowing users to choose the method that best suits their taste and preferences. Some individuals prefer to simply eat the dried mushrooms, but their taste can be quite mealy and earthy, which may not be enjoyable for everyone. To make the experience more pleasant, you can try the following methods:
  • Mix the mushrooms into your favorite dish, such as a smoothie, yogurt, or soup. This can help disguise the flavor and make consumption more enjoyable. Just be cautious not to cook the mushrooms at high temperatures, as this could reduce their potency;
  • You can purchase empty gelatin capsules and grind the dried mushrooms into a fine powder before filling the capsules. This method bypasses the taste issue completely and allows for precise dosing;
  • Grind the dried mushrooms into a powder and combine with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let the mixture sit for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally. The lemon juice is believed to accelerate the absorption of psilocybin, potentially leading to a quicker onset of effects. You can then consume the mixture, a so-called Lemon tekking, as is or dilute it with water or tea to make the taste more palatable.
Remember that the onset time and intensity of effects can vary depending on the method of consumption. On average, it takes 40-60 min to start acting, and the peak is after 1hr or more. It's always advisable to start with a low dose and wait for the effects to manifest before considering increasing the dosage.

Mexicana Magic Mushrooms – Safety & Efficiency Rules

The one main rule is NO alcohol and NO medications. Mixing magic mushrooms with alcohol or other drugs, particularly those that affect the central nervous system, can be dangerous and lead to unpredictable effects. It is also advisable to clear your schedule and pay extra attention to the so-called “set and setting”. A typical mushroom trip lasts 6-8 hours, so make sure you have no pressing obligations or responsibilities during that time. Meanwhile, take care of the place where you will trip. Choose a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment, especially if you are a first-time user. A calm and positive atmosphere can greatly influence your experience. If you are new to magic mushrooms or experimenting with a higher dose, having a trusted, sober friend (tripsitter) present can provide support, guidance, and reassurance in case you encounter any challenges during your trip. There are a lot of other rules we can offer, however, everything is individual. Just remember to start low, listen to your body and relax. Always prioritize your safety and well-being when consuming Psilocybe mexicana or any other psychedelic substances.

What to Expect from Mexicana Magic Mushrooms

Mexicana’s second name — “god’s flesh” is definitely not connected with the appearance, but with their magical effects. You can expect a completely multifaceted psychedelic experience that can’t be compared with any other strain. Here is a breakdown of the effects, depending on the Mexicana dose:


  • Improved focus;
  • Less fatigue and anxiety;
  • Productivity boost;
  • Better control and understanding of emotions;
  • Feeling up to conversations and extremely social.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Minor alterations in the perception of the surroundings (visual changes include vibrating and moving contours of objects, sparkling, increased light sensitivity);
  • Notably improved creativity;
  • Light euphoria.

Full recreational dose:

  • More prominent perception alteration;
  • Therapeutic effect (if intended) on mental health;
  • Possibly a strictly individual spiritual experience;
  • Increased euphoria;
  • Deep introspection.

High dose:

  • Strong psychedelic effects (visual hallucinations, altered perception of light, sound, increased sensitivity, a deeper «trip»);
  • Easier introspection and improved self-analysis;
  • Dramatically increased compassion and empathy;
  • Open-mindedness, increased ability to process information and think «outside the box»;
  • Lightness in movement, dizziness;
  • Pronounced body effects and full relaxation.

Heroic dose:

Exceptionally strong effects that can be unpredictable for those who don’t have psychedelic experience. Heroic dose effects are defined not only by a mushroom itself, but by the set and setting, people who you are with and your own approach to magic mushrooms.

Mexicana Mushrooms – Occasions

Mexicana strain, like other strains of magic mushrooms, can be taken in various settings and for different purposes. It's essential to remember that individual preferences and experiences will vary. Some possible occasions to consider taking Psilocybe mexicana might include:
  • Personal growth and introspection;
  • Spiritual experiences;
  • Social bonding.
What is more, taking magic mushrooms in a serene, natural environment can enhance the appreciation of nature's beauty and encourage a feeling of interconnectedness with the world. Or you can take psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic needs. Under the guidance of trained professionals, magic mushrooms are being increasingly studied and used for their potential benefits in addressing various mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It's crucial to always prioritize safety and well-being when considering the consumption of Psilocybe mexicana or any other psychedelic substance. The set, setting, dosage, and intention are vital factors in ensuring a positive and beneficial experience. NOTE: We’re talking about positive effects and occasions that are possible exclusively in case you’re in a good state of mind, in a comfortable and calm place, with no people around that might intentionally or unintentionally ruin your experience and turn your journey into a bad trip.

Mexicana Magic Mushrooms – Appearance

Mexicana looks exactly like something you imagine, when you hear the phrase “magic mushroom”. Long, sometimes creepy slender stem with a bell-shaped cap on the top. Here is a more detailed description:
  • Size: average, 3-5 inches (8-12 cm) long stem, 0,30-1 inch (1-2 cm) in cap diameter;
  • Cap: cone-shaped or convex, sometimes with a raised area in the middle (umbonate) and start to resemble a bell, straw-colored to dark brown when matured;
  • Stem: long, thin, hollow, reddish brown to dark brown, sometimes with deep blue spots on it and on the cap.
Another interesting thing about Mexicana is that it has the sclerotia (truffles) that helps spores to survive through harsh conditions and becomes a mushroom later. As all psilocybin containing mushrooms, Mexicana bruises when picked, dried, transported and even rarely when stocked. This is due to the psilocybin going blue when exposed to the air. It is a completely harmless reaction that doesn’t affect mushroom potency in any way.

Mexicana Magic Mushrooms – Origins

There is a whole book that can be written about this historically important magic mushroom. It connected many famous people, including Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Keith Richards and made psilocybin mushrooms popular in the west. We won’t describe it all, but here is a short version of what happened:
  • There are various signs (e.g. stone carvings and statues) that prove Mexicana, and other psychedelic substances like plants, were used by Mayan civilization, Aztec people, Olmec, Zapotec and, finally, Mazatec starting from 3000 BC or even earlier for rituals, religious ceremonies and sacrifices;
  • Maria Sabina, a famous Mazatec healer, held mushroom ceremonies in the village of Huautla de Jiménez and was the first woman who gave psychedelic knowledge to the west when she met with Robert Gordan Wasson in 1953;
  • Robert Gordan Wasson and his wife collected the samples of Psilocybe mexicana, shared them with the French mycologist Roger Heim, who has grown magic mushrooms in the lab and sent received lab samples to the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, who was the first to extract Psilocin and Psilocybin and 20 years later he was the first to synthesize LSD.
Mexicana strain remains the one and only magic mushroom whose story is more or less clear with some proven facts. No one can deny the huge impact this tiny mushroom had on the human’s history.

Mexicana Mushrooms – Variations

As with Psilocybe cubensis that contains more than 100 strains and is widely cultivated, there is possibly a great variety of Psilocybe mexicana magic mushrooms growing in the wilds, but we just don’t know about them. Psilocybe mexicana that you can buy online in Canada in our shop is high quality and original, with no unexpected addings to avoid undesired results.

Mexicana Mushrooms – Alternatives

Mexicana is one of the most popular strains in the market, but if you want something new you can try:

Golden Teacher

A milder option that offers the same deep introspection experience but with lesser punch. Perfect for magic mushroom beginners.


A Psilocybe cubensis strain, which offers quite a strong experience with more pronounced body effects.

Penis Envy

Ultimate option and the strongest strain among that we sell. Offers almost overwhelming experience and can be a great option for those who already have psychedelic experience. For a full selection of top-quality dried magic mushrooms you can buy, please check the Whole Shrooms page.