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Death Star is widely regarded as one of the gentlest and most approachable strains of Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms. This strain is well-suited for both novices in the psychedelic realm and those with more extensive experience. The key, as with any psychedelic, lies in the dosage. For beginners, the subtly impactful nature of Death Star serves as a gateway to a vast spiritual expedition. Yet, it continues to offer profound experiences for seasoned enthusiasts, especially at higher doses, which intensify the effects.

What sets Death Star apart:

  • Its striking golden-hued cap and overall visual appeal. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Star Wars Death Star;
  • Gradual, manageable trips that focus more on profound spiritual awakening rather than intense visual hallucinations;
  • Easy to grow and breed.

Like other magic mushrooms, experiences with Death Star are often described as transformative. These mushrooms facilitate introspection and, at larger doses, can lead to a dissolution of the ego. With the appropriate mindset and setting, users can anticipate a dependable journey and an altered state of consciousness that typically lasts for about four hours.

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Dosage Guidelines for Death Star Magic Mushrooms

Low doses of the Death Star strain are often recommended for beginners, gently ushering them beyond the usual boundaries of thought and self-perception. The experience with top-quality FunGuyz Death Star mushrooms is frequently described as transformative by many enthusiasts. To help guide your journey, here are some suggested dosages for dried Death Star mushrooms:
  • Microdose for a life-altering journey – start with a mere 0,3 - 0,7 grams. This amount is subtle but can initiate significant shifts in perspective and consciousness;
  • The minimal recreational dose ranges from 0,7 to 1,2 grams and is known to induce feelings of happiness and relaxation, perfect for a light, enjoyable experience;
  • Whole recreational experience – a dosage of 1,2 to 2,2 grams can provide a more profound recreational experience, potentially offering therapeutic benefits to both mind and body;
  • A high dose to venture deeper into the realms of self-exploration is 2,2 to 3,4 grams. This range can lead to more intense and introspective experiences;
  • Anything beyond 4 grams enters the realm of a heroic dose and should be approached with caution. Such high doses are intense and can be overwhelming, even for the experienced.
It's important to note that there's no one-size-fits-all dosage for specific effects. The ideal amount varies depending on several factors, including the quality of the mushrooms, your personal mindset, the environment ('set and setting'), and other individual factors. For a cautious approach, start with a small piece, wait for an hour or two to gauge the effects, and then gradually increase the dosage to find your personal 'sweet spot.'

Administering Death Star Magic Mushrooms

Consuming Death Star mushrooms directly is often seen as the most traditional and effective method of administration. The psilocybin they contain naturally transforms into Psilocin, the compound responsible for the psychedelic experience. The taste of Death Star is a unique blend of sweet and sour, offering a rich, fruity mushroom flavor in its most authentic form. For those who may not be fond of the natural taste of mushrooms but still wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery, consider the following tips:
  • Finely chop your mushrooms. Breaking them into small pieces can make them easier to consume;
  • Consume them on an empty stomach. This can intensify and hasten the effects, as the body can absorb the psilocybin more rapidly.
  • Incorporate into cold dishes. Adding finely chopped mushrooms to your favorite cold meals can be a tasty alternative to consuming them directly. Here are more methods of consumption in our blog article “Top 3 The Most Effective Ways to Consume Magic Mushrooms.”
It's advised to avoid adding Death Star mushrooms to hot dishes, like tea or soup. High temperatures can degrade psilocybin, significantly reducing the psychoactive potency of the mushrooms. In addition to these methods, we at Funguyz offer a superior range of high-quality psilocybin edibles and other products, from dmt vape pens and microdosing capsules and beyond. Our extensive selection ensures a delightful taste experience while delivering the same profound effects.

Death Star – Safety & Efficiency Rules

The foremost rule for all psilocybin mushrooms is to avoid mixing them with any other substances, especially alcohol and anti-depression medications. It is a definite no-go if you're aiming for a safe and pure trip. Here are some essential safety guidelines to keep in mind:
  • It's highly recommended to have a sober, trustworthy friend with you, known as a trip sitter. This person can provide invaluable support:
    • For beginners, a trip sitter offers reassurance and peace of mind, ensuring that the experience unfolds smoothly and safely.
    • For the more experienced, they act as a safety net, helping to anchor you to reality and assisting if any difficulties arise during the trip.
  • Keep in mind that anecdotal reports about magic mushrooms aren't scientifically verified. It's your responsibility to dose carefully and avoid crossing the line of excess;
  • Ensure all your tasks are completed beforehand, and set aside 2-4 hours where you can be undisturbed. This preparation helps in creating a relaxed atmosphere for your experience;
  • Employ an electronic scale to measure your dose accurately. Even minor variations in quantity can significantly alter the effects of the mushrooms;
  • Approach each trip with an open mind, free from preconceived notions of what the experience should be. Every journey with magic mushrooms is unique, so allow yourself to relax and embrace the teachings of your new spiritual guide.
Safety and mindfulness are essential when interacting with psychedelic substances. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a more controlled and enriching experience with Death Star mushrooms.

Buy Death Star Strain of Magic Mushrooms – Effects and Expectations

The duration of a trip with Death Star mushrooms typically ranges from 2 to 5 hours, influenced by factors such as individual experience and tolerance to psilocybin. The peak of the experience usually occurs within the first or second hour, with initial effects noticeable within 20-30 minutes. Death Star is known for its gentleness compared to other magic mushrooms, enveloping you smoothly and swiftly into the trip. The dosage plays a crucial role in shaping your experience, so here's an overview of the effects at various dosage levels:


  • Experiencing full-body relaxation;
  • Feeling a profound connection between your ego and the Universe;
  • Enhanced creativity and innovative thinking.

Minimal Recreational Dose

  • Mild visual alterations;
  • A rush of thoughts where you're more an observer than a participant;
  • A deeper introspection often leads to a more social experience.

Full Recreational Dose

  • More pronounced visual and auditory hallucinations;
  • Experiences resembling Synesthesia, such as seeing colors in music or physically feeling art;
  • A sense of rejuvenation following the trip.

High Dose

  • Transformation of the ego;
  • Intense psychological experiences and insights;
  • Euphoric feelings and the formation of new spiritual connections.

Heroic Dose

The effects at this level are unpredictable and highly individual. It's possible to experience side effects like nausea and headaches, especially for those less experienced with psychedelic journeys. As the experience becomes more challenging to document, the accounts of these trips are often vague and subjective. It's essential to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it, respecting your personal limits and tolerance. The journey with Death Star mushrooms is unique for each individual, and it's important to approach it with caution and self-awareness.

When to Use Death Star Magic Mushrooms

People use Death Star mushrooms for a multitude of purposes, ranging from light-hearted recreation to profound psychedelic experiences. Here are a few scenarios where Death Star mushrooms can be particularly suitable:
  • A microdose of Death Star during a festival or social gathering can uplift your mood and enhance your connection with those around you. They are also ideal for nature walks in familiar surroundings, helping you feel more in tune with the natural world. In settings like museums or art galleries, they can deepen your understanding and emotional connection to the artwork;
  • Numerous studies have been conducted into the safe use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms for mental health. Death Star, in particular, is being researched for its potential to treat conditions like PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues;
  • As mentioned earlier, the Death Star strain possesses shamanic qualities. It is more focused on psychoactivity rather than psychedelic visuals, often leading to profound introspection and a heightened sense of unity with the universe.
There are many reasons and ways to experience magic mushrooms, and it takes time to discover what works best for your personal needs. It is advisable to start in familiar, safe environments such as your home to ensure a stress-free and safe trip. Once you're acclimated and comfortable, you can venture outside to explore a multitude of new emotions and experiences. NOTE: We're talking about positive effects and occasions that are possible exclusively in case you're in a good state of mind, in a comfortable and calm place, with no people around that might intentionally or unintentionally ruin your experience and turn your journey into a bad trip.

Death Star Magic Mushrooms – Appearance

The distinctively vibrant, yellowish hue is a signature feature of the Death Star strain, setting it apart from other magic mushrooms. This unique coloring truly makes them worthy of their name. Unlike their counterparts, Death Star mushrooms develop an elegant “skirt” as they reach maturity. Here's a detailed look at their appearance:
  • Size: these mushrooms are generally larger than average, measuring between 3-8 inches in height;
  • Cap: initially bell-shaped during growth, the cap flattens and develops cracked edges upon maturity. The color gradient is quite striking — brighter at the edges and dark brown at the center, 2-4 inches in diameter;
  • Stem: typically more slender in comparison to the cap. The stem is long, boasting a yellowish hue with white flesh inside. It maintains a straight and firm structure, sometimes widening at the base. A distinctive skirt appears as the mushroom matures.
Even in their dried form, Death Star mushrooms retain their proud golden shade. You can buy Death Star online in Canada, where they are carefully selected and dried to maintain their exquisite appearance and quality.

Death Star Magic Mushroom Starin – Origins

The Psilocybe Cubensis species, to which Death Star belongs, was first identified by the American mycologist Franklin Sumner Earle in 1906. This discovery took place on the island of Cuba, situated in the northern region of the Caribbean Sea. Earle initially classified it under the genus Stropharia. The term "cubensis" in its name is a nod to its Cuban origins. However, in 1948, German scientist Rolf Singer, through his work published in the journal Sydowia, reassigned it to the genus Psilocybe. The origins of the Death Star strain, in particular, are shrouded in mystery. Rumors suggest that it first emerged in the deserts of Florida, USA, sometime in the late 1990s. Its exact point of origin, however, remains a topic of speculation and intrigue. What adds to its mystique is the rapid popularity it gained, primarily due to its relative ease of cultivation and the pleasant nature of its psychedelic trips.

Variations of Death Star Mushrooms

There are no known Death Star variations. It is a strain mystery that is barely documented. That’s why no crossbreeds were found, too.

Death Star Magic Mushrooms – Alternatives

While there are numerous Psilocybe cubensis strains available, Death Star stands out for its direct correlation between price and psilocybin potency. For those seeking a more potent experience, the Amazonian magic mushroom strain is a recommended alternative. The Amazonian bears a close resemblance to Death Star in terms of psychoactive effects. The key difference lies in its higher content of psilocybin and psilocin, making it a more potent choice for those looking to intensify their psychedelic journey. Golden Teachers and Blue Meanies are worth trying, too, when you’ll feel more comfortable in the world of psychedelics.

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