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One and only, mysterious as hell, the Alcabenzi (ALC) or Alacabenzi strain belongs to the Psilocybe cubensis species. However, we called it puzzling for a reason: there are dozens of its appearance theories and even more questions about its rare mutation, Alc Squats. If we try to describe them shortly, we got something like this:

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Dosage Guidelines for Alc Squats Magic Mushrooms

As with all substances – your perfect dose depends only on you. Here, at FunGuyz, we offer a unique product that NO OTHER dispensary has. So, it may be challenging to achieve the desired effect since there are numerous factors influencing it. We are here to make it easier, so here are basic guidelines for the dose of dried Alc Squat mushrooms:
  • Microdose for minor positive effects – 0,75 to 1,20 grams;
  • The minimal recreational dose is 1,25 grams to 2,5 grams;
  • Full recreational – 2,6 to 3,6 grams;
  • The intense experience starts at 3,7 to 5 grams;
  • This dose is for experienced users only – 5 grams or more at once.
Make sure not to mix it with alcohol and other substances to protect your trip from negative consequences. You can buy Alc Squats online at FunGuyz in different packages from 7 to 28g. This gives you the freedom to experiment to find just the right amount of dried shrooms for you.

Administering Alacabenzi Squats Magic Mushrooms

There is nothing as easy as just eating dried magic mushrooms. It stays the most tried and true way to administer them. Alc Squats strain is no exception. Unfortunately, or not, only its extraterrestrial appearance is what differentiates it from other Psilocybe cubensis strains. In terms of taste, a shroom is a shroom - bitter, earthy, and chewy. Here are a few tips to make your experience tastier:
  • Cut your dose into tiny pieces and swallow them right away, trying not to place them on your taste buds;
  • Eat or drink something tasty after you eat shrooms. It also helps avoid nausea later;
  • Buy Alc Squats magic mushroom strain and mask its taste in other food like a salad or even an ice cream.
Another great idea is to buy pre-made psilocybin edibles. We have plenty of them in stock, as well as dmt vape pens and other weed delights. We guarantee premium quality, mouthwatering taste, and easy dosing.

Efficiency and Safety Guidelines for Alc Squats Magic Mushrooms

It's not mushrooms we are worried about, but your safety. With mushrooms, it is easy. We have an extensive answer in our blog article “How to Properly Store Magic Mushrooms.” For your safety, the rules are as follows:
  • NEVER mix psilocybin mushrooms with alcohol, weed, or other substances. It can have unpredictable and unpleasant effects;
  • If you are new to shrooms, start with a low dose and eat something before trying them. In this way, you will check how shrooms work on you and avoid unpleasant feelings in the guts;
  • Have a sober friend near you, or even invite a professional therapist to get as many insights from your trip as possible.
We also advise you to make sure that there will be no disruptions during your whole trip. No calls, unknown guys, etc. Just you, a trusted friend, music, or other relaxing activities. If you do everything right, you’ll get the most cosmic trip.

Buy Alc Squats Strain of Magic Mushrooms – Effects and Expectations

We all have our reasons to buy Alc Squats magic mushrooms. Some are captivated by its appearance, while others want to feel pleasant relaxation or, on the contrary, an energetic punch. The trip usually lasts 4-8 hours, and the first effects appear from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on the ingestion method, the peak is 2-5 hours. Here, we give an approximate breakdown of effects depending on the dose we provided before.

Microdosing (in one week from the first pill)

  • Enhanced mood;
  • Feeling energetic;
  • Easier emotion processing;
  • Less sadness and other unpleasant thoughts.

Minimal Recreational Dose

  • Funny feeling at the fingertips;
  • Start feeling and seeing objects moving and changing;
  • Creativity explosion, easy problem-solving;
  • Start to feel really happy.

Full Recreational Dose

  • Increased openness to other people and nature;
  • Stabilized mental health;
  • Firstly relaxing sensations can now launch you into space. It feels like you squatted before jumping;
  • Start seeing a few visuals.

High Dose

  • Deep body high (similar to strong cannabis edibles);
  • Distortions of perception and reality;
  • Difficulty in physical balance (feeling twisty-turny);
  • Time distortion.

Heroic Dose

No one can predict what exactly will happen on such a high dose. It highly depends on what you want to achieve. Maybe you’ll talk to yourself from the past/future, quit smoking, and lose your ego. The possibilities are endless. But this dose is for experienced users only.

When to Take Alcabenzi Squats Magic Mushrooms

People use magic mushrooms not only for recreation but also often for deep personal exploration and to enhance various sensory experiences. There are different life spheres where shrooms can help you. If you approach them with the right attitude, the benefits will be countless. Here are some ideas about when, where, and why you can take Alc Squats:
  • During personal reflection or spiritual reflection. The psychedelic experience can offer new perspectives and insights, making it a preferred choice during times of personal exploration;
  • Consuming magic mushrooms while in a natural setting, such as during a hike or in a peaceful garden, can significantly enhance the experience. The natural beauty and calmness of the outdoors can complement the psychedelic effects, leading to a more profound and enjoyable experience;
  • Sharing the experience with close friends or in a comfortable group setting can create a supportive and enriching environment. It's essential to be around people you trust and feel satisfied with, as the experience can be intense and emotional.
Listening to music can be profoundly enjoyable, as the Alcabenzi Squats mushrooms can enhance auditory senses, making sounds and melodies appear more vivid and emotionally resonant. Going for a walk, especially in a serene, natural environment, can also be a great way to experience the visual and sensory enhancements provided by the mushrooms. NOTE: We're talking about positive effects and occasions that are possible exclusively in case you're in a good state of mind, in a comfortable and calm place, with no people around that might intentionally or unintentionally ruin your experience and turn your journey into a bad trip.

Alcabenzi Squats Mushroom – Appearance

As previously mentioned, Alc Squats are indeed something in terms of appearance. They don’t look like shrooms at all. They're more like a colony of sea creatures or corals. Some users also describe Alc Squats magic mushrooms as a cross between anemone and spineless sea urchin. You definitely won’t see them in the wild since it’s a rare mutation. However, this is what they look like when they are fresh:
  • Size: chubby and short like they’re doing squats, the stem peeks out from under a pressed cap, somewhere between 2,7 to 3,5 inches in diameter;
  • Cap: Graduating from dark orange to dusty beige in the middle, the cap is placed in the stem like a lid on a pan in which the dough rises, only concave inward. Sometimes, there are white dots on the cap or cracked star pattern, 1,8 - 2,5 inches in diameter;
  • Stem: wide, squishy, white with yellowish tint, 3 - 4 inches in diameter.
When you buy the Alc Squats mushroom strain online at FunGuyz, you get the best quality and the fastest shipping. You won’t see all its beauty since it will be dried and chopped in the airless sealing package, yet you will feel its incredible effects and get a safe and relaxing trip.

Alc Squats – Origins

Psychedelic mushrooms have been a part of human history for thousands of years. Despite their long-standing use, the precise origins of Alacabenzi mushrooms remain somewhat shrouded in mystery. This strain is generally thought to be a hybrid, combining the genetic traits of two distinct mushroom varieties, but the details are not thoroughly documented. It is also true for such a mutation as Alc Squats, which is nowhere to be found except in special mycological forums and spores shops. We can’t trace where exactly Alc Squats came from since it is a mutation, like a blob mutation in tentacle-looking Enigma. However, we have some info about its parent strain. Here are three main theories about how Alacabenzi mushrooms came into existence:
  1. The first theory posits that Alacabenzi mushrooms are a fusion of a specific Psilocybe cubensis strain – Golden Teachers, and Psilocybe Mexicana;
  2. Another perspective suggests a more straightforward origin: Alacabenzi might be a cross between the Liberty Caps (Psilocybe semilanceata) and Golden Teachers, both well-known strains that were popular in the late 90s up to the early 2000s;
  3. A third viewpoint aligns with the idea that "Alabama" contributes to the first part of the name "Alacabenzi." However, it diverges by attributing the second part of the name to "Mazatepec, Mexico," which is also considered a source location for the parent Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.
Regardless of their exact lineage, Alacabenzi mushrooms share the common characteristics of the Psilocybe cubensis species, as well as their ALC Squats mutation. They are typically found in warm, humid climates such as subtropical and tropical areas. These regions include parts of South and Central America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and specific African locales.

Variations of Alc Squats Mushrooms

As you may already know – there are more than 100 psilocybe cubensis strains that resemble each other in some way. Alc Squats shares some traits with them but has no stable variations. It is hard for mycologists to crossbreed a mutation with a different strain and get a stable hybrid. The one thing that always gets confused with Alc Squats is KSS squats (Koh Samui Strain). Bloody wars happen every day on mycological forums. Some prove that they are the same thing, others that these are all inventions of marketers, and others simply observe it. Buy Alc Squats online at FunGuyz, experience it yourself, and leave a comment. We will be delighted to read it.

Alc Squats Magic Mushrooms – Alternatives

Luckily for you, we have more than 15 strains of different potency for you to enjoy. If you disliked Alc Squats for some reason, you can try these:


Possible Alc Squats ancestor, or a divine mushroom, used by Aztecs more than 5,000 years before. Provides vivid hallucinations and soft body sensations. It's also perfect for beginners.

Golden Teachers

The most researched shrooms. They got crossbreeded numerous times, yet they didn’t lose their identity and will help you find yours.

Blue Meanies

One of the most potent strains. It's definitely a level higher than the others listed above. It is an excellent option for those who tried Golden Teacher and Cambodians and now want more.

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