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Malabar strain, Malabar India or just MLBR, is a viral Psilocybe cubensis strain. Originating from India, it will help you smoothly open all your chakras and connect with the Universe.

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Malabar Magic Mushrooms: How Much to Take

With magic mushrooms, everything from your mood to previous experiences matters. Every trip is unique, and so is everybody's "sweet spot." Finding your perfect dose may take some time, but it is worth it. Here's a general guideline for dried Malabar India magic mushrooms strain:
  • Microdose – subtle effects, increased creativity, less anxiety – 0,5 to 1,25 grams;
  • Low dose – the music starts to sound brighter, strangers seem friendlier – 1,5 to 2 grams;
  • Moderate dose – visual and auditory hallucinations appear, objects move and come to life along with geometric shapes – 2 to 3,5 grams;
  • Full recreational dose – vivid hallucinations, along with the appearance of patterns and fractals, the surface of the object you are observing will become shiny and moving, time distortion – 3,5 to 4,5 grams;
  • High dose – a psychedelic flow of shapes, contours and colours will blend together and reach the shore of your consciousness – 4,5 to 5 grams;
  • Heroic dose – complete loss of contact with reality, intense hallucinations, severe distortion of the perception of space and time, high introspection – over 5-7 grams. This dose is not recommended for beginners and should be approached with extreme caution, preferably with experienced guidance.
The first effects will be felt within one hour, even with the microdose. So, even if you think you want to go higher, wait a bit, and only after that, increase your dose. Don't worry if you ate all shrooms, buy shrooms online and continue your trip.

Malabar Indian Coast Magic Mushrooms - Administration

Eating your shrooms raw remains the easiest and the most popular way to enjoy deep introspection. However, you may notice shrooms go blue when they are broken into pieces. That's OK. This process is called bruising and doesn't affect mushrooms' potency. It only shows it due to high psilocybin concentration exposed to the air. A great way is also taking mushroom microdosing capsules. They mask the earthy, bitter dried shroom taste while giving you a precise dose and a good mood. If you have more of a sweet tooth, psilocybin edibles are definitely for you. You can buy psilocybin chocolate bars or mouthwatering magic mushroom gummies online in Canada without leaving your place. They also offer precise dosing while saving you from an empty stomach and nausea that is often associated with it.

MLBR Magic Mushrooms Safety & Efficiency Rules

We want not only to make psilocybin available to everyone but also to make you feel better. To get the most out of your trip while not experiencing side effects, consider the following rules:
  • Don't mix psilocybin with other substances, SSRIs, medications and alcohol. Despite the alluring idea that together they will give ultra-fun, they are better taken separately;
  • Prioritize your mood and listen to your body. If you don't feel well, it's better to postpone your trip;
  • Always prepare in advance. So-called "set and setting" are very important for a safe trip. So free at least 9 hours of your busy life, prepare a playlist with your favourite songs and begin your journey.
Additionally, if you are a first-time user, it would be wise to have a trip sitter. That's a title for your close person, who would be sober sitting near you and controlling your actions. As one popular news website says, Seth Rogen once got so high on magic mushrooms he ended up in Paris. Imagine how far you can go.

Malabar Cubensis Magic Mushrooms – Effects & What to Expect

We will never get tired of repeating – each trip is unique. So we can't promise the exact effects. We can only promise the premium quality of all our products guarded by Funguyz quality check and offer you an approximate range of effects from each dose of dried Makabar mushrooms.


  • Increased mood and creativity;
  • You feel like you can do anything;
  • Boosted problem-solving skills.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Mild hallucinations;
  • Light to medium euphoric sensations;
  • Nice body experience.

Full recreational dose:

  • You start to feel connected with the Universe;
  • Colourful visuals and possible sense of synesthesia;
  • Geometrical shapes and patterns dance behind your closed or opened eyes.

High dose:

  • Strong time distortion, minutes feel like hours;
  • Pure euphoria;
  • An overwhelming feeling of peace, joy and possibility.

Heroic dose:

  • Vivid sound and open-eyed hallucinations;
  • Possible ego breakdown;
  • Strong body effects and increased sensations;
  • Unpredictable spiritual experiences.
Heroic dose is for experienced users only. It's hard to predict what will happen during your trip and in what state of mind you will return. You shouldn't also forget that Malabar's potency is above average. So, dose it carefully, preferably with electronic scales.

Malabar – Occasions

Magic mushrooms, with their psilocybin content, offer a unique experience. They've been known to be taken in various contexts:
  • Social gatherings – Some folks consume them relaxed among trusted friends. It can foster deeper connections and heightened sensory experiences;
  • Introspection – many individuals take magic mushrooms for personal insight and reflection. They can provide a fresh perspective on old issues and even stimulate creativity;
  • Nature immersion – being out in nature while on a mushroom trip can amplify the beauty of the environment. Trees, stars, and even simple plants might feel more connected and alive;
  • Spiritual exploration – these fungi have been used as tools for spiritual journeys and rites of passage across many cultures;
  • Theurapetic use – nowadays, psilocybin is a potent tool to cure severe cases of depression and PTSD. As its exploration continues, we may soon uncover more ways to use it to boost our health.
It's crucial to ensure you're in a safe environment and, ideally, with someone who can guide or watch over the experience. Remember, every individual's response to magic mushrooms can differ, so always prioritize safety.

Malabar Cubensis – Appearance

Malabars are average P. cubensis representatives. They don't have wavy caps, like the Tidal Wave strain or amazing triangle caps, like African Tranksei, but they still look fascinating:
  • Size: average, 3.5-7 inches, long, sometimes twisted stems;
  • Cap: small, bulbous, light to dark brown coloured with white dots when matured;
  • Stem: medium-sized, thicker at the bottom and narrower towards the cap;
  • Veil: their gills and veil are the most distinguishing about Mlbr's appearance. The veil remains connected to the cap even after the mushroom is matured.
Malabar's cubensis popularity doesn't come from nothing. Their fruity stems and consistent quality have prompted them to be reproduced by enthusiasts in the psychedelic community.

Malabar India – Origins

The history of this fascinating mushroom dates back to 1500 BC. During those times in ancient India, Vedic traditions used and described the magical substance Soma in sacred texts. The recipe for Soma is unknown. But today, scholars suppose Soma was squeezed out of magic mushrooms, ephedra or peganum. So, our Malabar strain can be that exact mushroom that made Soma so special. Its history may seem similar to the Psilocybe Mexicana (God's flesh in some cultures), but those grew separately on different continents. As the name suggests, Malabar cubensis's first sample was found on the Indian coast of Malabar, growing peacefully in a pile of elephant dung.

Malabar Mushrooms - Variations

Shrooms can now be easily grown anywhere, even in the coldest countries. However, it can be hard to crossbreed them between each other. So far, none of the Malabar crossbreeded descendants gained stability and popularity. However, similar shrooms exist, like Palenque Mexico, Mexicana and A+.

Malabar Cubensis Alternatives

In our magic mushroom dispensary in Toronto, as well as in the online shop and other locations, you can find various alternatives to enrich your psychedelic experience.

Golden Teacher

The most popular strain for newbies. It is often compared to Cambodian. They offer mild visuals, light and lovely trips.


Representative of another species, Psilocybe Mexicana, it is renowned for strong body relaxation and more profound introspection trips.

Penis Envy

PE is better for experienced users. It has a high average tryptamine content, making it a tried and true option for heavy shroom connoisseurs.

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Nick T. (Cannington, CA)
Great time

These are mild, good for beginners, give you a good rush of energy and last a long time. Read the info, don’t over do it. Get them right and you will enjoy yourself.

Ulric P.

Good effect, relax

Corrine S. (Waterloo, CA)

A peaceful high, that lets you have a calm productive day.

Fred S. (Bowmanville, CA)
Good stuff

Came quick. Weighed in correct. Hit hard. Definitely can’t complain, thanks guyz