Astral Bars – Tidal Wave – Psilocybin Chocolate 5 G


Embark on a cosmic journey with Astral Bars, the psilocybin chocolate bars that will transport you to the far reaches of the universe with the help of 5 psilocybin grams derived from 5 distinct magic mushrooms strains:

  1. Trinity;
  2. Thrasher;
  3. Yeti;
  4. Tidal Wave;
  5. Penis Envy.

Prepare for liftoff as you explore the depths of your inner cosmos, guided by the trusted magic mushroom experts at FunGuyz, Canada’s reliable source for magic mushrooms and more.

With Astral Bars, experience a galaxy of benefits:

  • Customize your psychedelic odyssey according to your preferences;
  • Experience a supernova of sensations ranging from gentle mood boosts to awe-inspiring visual displays, all dependent on the dosage;
  • Enjoy the fusion of rich chocolate flavors that skillfully hide the earthy bitterness of magic mushrooms.

These psilocybin chocolate bars are your ticket to exploring the infinite possibilities of the mind and beyond. Satisfy your sweet tooth and curiosity simultaneously as you blast off into the far reaches of your inner universe, guided by the stellar Astral Bars.

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How to Take Psilocybin Chocolate Tidal Wave Astral Bar

Astral bars are a bit bigger than the usual 50 gram magic mushroom chocolate bars: one Astral Bar is 68 grams, with all of them containing precisely 5000mg of psilocybin. It’s divided into 4 servings, but you can easily separate them into smaller pieces. However, you should note that 1 piece is just a half of the serving and contains 0.625 grams of psilocybin. Here’s a breakdown on the dosage and how you can use it:
  • 1/8 of the Astral bar — 0.625g of the shroom contents: a normal dose for an energy boost or basic mood improvement and anxiety relief, with no highly pronounced psychedelic effects for most;
  • 1/4 of the Astral bar — one 17 gram serving — 1.25g of the shroom contents: a full-scale effective psychedelic dose, with minor visuals, improved socializing, and slightly altered perception of reality;
  • 1/2 of the Astral bar — 2 servings — 2.5 grams of the shroom contents: a higher than usual, but still a normal psychedelic dose for most, with everything you would expect from eating a mild Psilocybe cubensis;
  • Whole Astral bar at a time —68 grams of chocolate — 5 grams of the shroom contents: that would be considered a nearly heroic dose, reserved for experienced psychonauts. You’re guaranteed to dive into a full-scale psychedelic trip for 6 to 8 hours, with a deeply introspective and spiritual experience.
We recommend starting low and slow: eat just a tiny bit, one serving, 1/4th or 1/8th of the bar, and enjoy the effects. At this dose, Astral bar mushroom chocolate is a versatile and flexible tool, and the end result depends on your approach, goals, set and setting.

Effects of Psilocybin Astral Bars Tidal Wave Chocolate

Some enthusiasts believe that sugar in chocolates, including Astral chocolate bars, lowers the effects of psilocybin and you get less effects from the same dose of shrooms as you would with just eating them dry. We wouldn’t rely on it and would not recommend taking higher doses anyway. Here’s what you can expect from each portion of Astral bar with magic mushrooms:

Minimal recreational dose, 1/8th of the chocolate bar, 1/2 serving:

  • Minor mood improvement;
  • Less notable or non-existent anxiety symptoms;
  • More motivation, more energy to do things;
  • Slightly altered perception;
  • Increased awareness.
The effect is expected to last not less than 4 hours, with peak concentration between 30 minutes and 1 hour mark.

Full recreational dose, 1/4th of the chocolate bar, 1 serving:

  • Mild euphoric feeling with more empathy;
  • Energy boost, less fatigue;
  • Strong feeling of relaxation, body high;
  • More notable sense of introspection;
  • Enhanced creativity.
The effects from one serving are expected to last for a full 6 hours (with the peak reaching between 40 minutes and 1 hour marks), more intense than the smaller options.

High dose, 1/2 of the chocolate bar, 2 servings at a time:

  • Notable psychedelic experience;
  • Vivid visual hallucinations;
  • Altered time perception;
  • Deeply spiritual experience;
  • Strong body high (it’s “easy” to move, dance, and run).
These effects are more individual and depend on set and setting more than they are on the exact chocolate bar brand or the strain inside. Expect them to last for a full 8 hours.

Heroic dose, full chocolate bar, all 4 servings at a time:

  • Ego transformation possibilities;
  • Intense visuals;
  • Highly spiritual sensations;
  • Individual discoveries;
  • Intense body high.
We do not recommend eating the whole bar if you’re not experienced with psychedelics. At this point, approximately 8 hours will be highly spiritual in nature for you, with no guarantees on the effects. It’s a rendezvous with the deepest corners of your mind at this point, and we can’t predict how it will look for you. It all depends on your set and setting.

What Astral Bar Tidal Wave Psilocybin Chocolate Is?

Astral Mushroom Chocolate bars are the top-shelf class of the psilocybin treats world. Belgian chocolate, a bit of vanilla flavour, and unusual strains used for the psilocybin contents. Astral Bar chocolates contain up to 5 grams of psilocybin, divided into 4 servings.  The company behind Astral Bars with magic mushrooms is located in Canada — mind the «Proudly Canadian» mark on the pack. Astral bars make a perfect snack for those who seek either a major trip or just a bit of more energy, social activity, and creativity. This exact Astral bar contains the Tidal Wave — an award-winning magic mushroom strain from the P.cubensis species. Tidal Wave nowadays holds the title of the most potent cubensis strain ever recorded — with whopping 3.82% total tryptamines, as tested at 2021 Psilocybin Cup. You should note, however, that Tidal Wave on AVERAGE (and we doubt the exact award-winning shrooms were used in the Astral bar) is just possibly a bit more potent than other strains, not record-breaking in every yield. It’s not that this exact Astral bar is 3 times more “intense” than others. It contains the same 5000 mg of psilocybin as all other options, though the strain used definitely will affect various aspects of your trip and make it unique in terms of experience. Other “flavours” of the Astral bar are:
  • Trinity;
  • Thrasher;
  • Yeti;
  • Tidal Wave;
  • Penis Envy.
Unless the real astral journey is your goal, make sure to share your treat with others or leave it for later: eating the whole thing at once may result in a deep, full-scale heroic trip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I am 47 years old and someone that hasn’t done mushrooms in years! I thought taking two pieces would be no big deal. Lol I was I ever wrong! Two pieces of chocolate sent me on an epic heroic journey. I never understood what a heroic journey was, but I do now I truly felt as if I had conquered a big mountain.. The mushrooms made me realize that we have to enjoy the trip in life and not be so worried about rushing to our destinations. I had all ego disappear , it was a magical experience although I think I was very wise to go to the woods to trip out at the same time. I was really lucky that I didn’t get lost because I was walking along on my magical journey, with no thought whatsoever of where I was going, I kept expecting to find flowers everywhere, it was a crazy trip I think next time I would just try one piece of chocolate because two pieces sent me to the moon! I felt like I was in an alternate reality. Everything was just wonderful and beautiful! It’s a weird thing, but I feel like you only use a small portion of your brain on mushrooms. So don’t try to do anything complicated like to drive especially if you’re on the kind of trip I went on! Definitely recommend these chocolate bars, but be careful they are very potent!

Mike M.

Two squares gave me an awesome experience. And this is from someone who usually need a higher dose. Recommended!


Ate the whole bar and sat in my comfy spot to chill for a looooong time. After having tried Chodewave a couple times and having a very difficult time in getting them down the chocolate bar experience was far easier with only a very slight earthy aftertaste. An excellent experience all around.


This bar was FANTASTIC!!! It actually tastes good, and it was a great trip! Looking foreard to next time!

Logan B.

another 10/10 trip, fun happy feelings and euphoria. easy to handle visuals. easy to eat