Wonka Shroom Chocolate – Psilocybin Chocolate 5 G


Wonka psilocybin chocolate bars are one of the finest psilocybin-containing edibles available online in Canada in our trusted FunGuyz shop. Crafted with care, each chocolate bar is infused with 5 grams of premium magic mushrooms, offering you a delectable way to experience the enchanting world of psychedelics.

Magic mushroom chocolate benefits:

  • Break off a piece according to your desired intensity for precise, hassle-free dosing (remember to start low and slow);
  • Explore various dose-dependent psychedelic effects, from gentle mood enhancement to profound introspection and visual delights;
  • Savor the rich, smooth chocolate flavor that expertly masks the earthy bitterness of magic mushrooms, making your journey as delicious as it is transformative.

Order your Psilocybin Chocolate Bars today from FunGuyz, Canada’s reliable online source for high-quality magic mushroom products, and embark on a sensory adventure like no other.

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How to Take and What to Expect from Psilocybin Chocolate Bars

One 50g Cheshire Chocolate bar contains 5 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms. It’s divided into 4 servings, but you can easily separate them into smaller pieces. Here’s a breakdown on the dosage and how you can use it:
  • 1/8 of the chocolate mushroom bar — 6.25 grams of chocolate — 0.75 g of the shroom contents: a minimal dose for an energy boost or basic mood improvement and anxiety relief, with no highly pronounced psychedelic effects;
  • 1/4 of the Cheshire chocolate mushroom bar — 12.5 grams of chocolate — 1.25 g of the shroom contents: a full-scale minimal psychedelic dose, with minor visuals, improvise socializing, and slightly altered perception;
  • 1/2 of the Cheshire chocolate mushroom bar — 25 grams of chocolate — 2.5 grams of the shroom contents: a normal psychedelic dose for most, with everything you would expect from eating a mild Psilocybe cubensis;
  • Whole bar at a time — 50 grams of chocolate — 5 grams of the shroom contents: that would be considered a nearly heroic dose, reserved for experienced psychonauts. You’re guaranteed to dive into a full-scale psychedelic trip for 6 to 8 hours, with a deeply introspective and spiritual experience.
We recommend starting low and slow: eat just a tiny bit, one serving, 1/4th of the bar, and enjoy the effects. At this dose, Cheshire chocolate is a versatile and flexible tool. You can use it for anything, from just enjoying your day a bit more and powering through routine tasks with ease to uncovering the previously hidden layers of your favourite songs and connecting with your friends on a deeper level. It all depends on your approach, goals, set and setting.

Effects of Wonka Chocolates

Some enthusiasts believe that sugar in chocolates, including chocolate bars, lowers the effects of psilocybin and you get less effects from the same dose of shrooms as you would with just eating them dry. This effect is, anecdotally, individual, and the exact strain in the chocolate bar plays a more notable role. Here’s what you can expect from each portion of Cheshire chocolate with magic mushrooms:

Minimal recreational dose, 1/8th of the chocolate bar, 1/2 serving:

  • Minor mood improvement;
  • Less notable or non-existent anxiety symptoms;
  • More motivation, more energy to do things;
  • Slightly altered perception;
  • Increased awareness.
The effect is expected to last not less than 4 hours, with peak concentration between 30 minutes and 1 hour mark.

Full recreational dose, 1/4th of the chocolate bar, 1 serving:

  • Mild euphoric feeling with more empathy;
  • Energy boost, less fatigue;
  • Strong feeling of relaxation, body high;
  • More notable sense of introspection;
  • Enhanced creativity.
The effects from one serving are expected to last for a full 6 hours (with the peak reaching between 40 minutes and 1 hour marks), more intense than the smaller options.

High dose, 1/2 of the chocolate bar, 2 servings at a time:

  • Notable psychedelic experience;
  • Vivid visual hallucinations;
  • Altered time perception;
  • Deeply spiritual experience;
  • Strong body high (it’s “easy” to move, dance, and run).
These effects are more individual and depend on set and setting more than they are on the exact chocolate bar brand or the strain inside. Expect them to last for a full 8 hours trip.

Heroic dose, full chocolate bar, all 4 servings at a time:

  • Ego transformation possibilities;
  • Intense visuals;
  • Highly spiritual sensations;
  • Individual discoveries;
  • Intense body high.
We do not recommend eating the whole bar if you’re not experienced with psychedelics. At this point, approximately 8 hours will be highly spiritual in nature for you, with no guarantees on the effects (it’s just impossible to come up with anything general and one-for all here).

What Wonka Psilocybin Chocolates Are

Chocolate bars are one of the most popular psilocybin chocolates on the market. A milk chocolate dessert with added dried mushroom is truly a multi-purpose treat:
  1. It provides a full-scale psychedelic mushroom experience;
  2. With no unwanted shroom, earthy, a bit bitter taste;
  3. And it’s easy to control the dosage in the process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Andrew (Toronto, CA)

This bar is good for doses like 1 to 2g but if you decide to do what I did and eat the whole bar 5g you will get sent to another fucking dimension, extreme visuals, lots of laughing, but at the end of the trip, a lot of mental pain feeling every single emotion at once plus thinking 1000 thoughts at once seeing entities some crazy shit

Teresa J. (Toronto, CA)
Great Trip!

Taste delish! Ate 2 rows which I believe is 2 grams. Had a great night! Felt trippy, happy and giggly! My friends who had 1 row each had quite the trip as well.

M.S. (Trieste, IT)

I got 2g for my first time, it had a very positive impact for my life and I hope I won’t forget what I saw

Gaganpreet S.


Anonymous (Burlington, CA)

Was very happy with my purchase