DMT Vape Pen – NN-DMT


Introducing the DMT Vape by Funguyz – an extraordinary product designed to elevate your spiritual exploration. Experience the profound effects of DMT in a convenient and discreet vape form, meticulously crafted for your convenience.

With the FunGuyz DMT Vape, you can easily embark on an otherworldly journey. It’s disposable pens with built in battery. It’s NN-dmt naturally extracted form Mexican Mimosa tenuiflora

  • Smooth and precise dosing;
  • Portable and easy to use;
  • The swift onset of the effects.

And these are only a tiny part of Funguyz DMT vape! However, it would be best if you were attentive with dosing. It’s not your regular vape:

  • 1 pull is enough to feel light effects;
  • 2-3 pulls produce mild relaxation and light hallucinogenic effects;
  • 3-5+ pulls ultimately send you to outer space.

The effects are felt within seconds and last approximately 30 minutes, making DMT a perfect and reliable way to ease stress and quickly get back to business.


7 reviews for DMT Vape Pen – NN-DMT

  1. Bradley Bernicky

    The mushroom vape pen sounds nice. I was wondering if you have any mushroom kits. I was trying to find some mushrooms without candy coating or chocolate bars . Just mushrooms without anything else.

  2. John Black

    Just walked in and out of the store in Niagara Falls, the employee was super chill and had a great attitude. Purchased the mimosa dmt pen and am so excited to try, I’ve been looking for this for years and finally found it here. Thank you, FunGuyz!!!


    It’s Sept13th. No one has heard back from John. Shit’s legit.

  4. Bob

    Tried it and was really nice, but need to shake well before using otherwise the effect is very inconsistent.

    Another downside is they don’t sell the cartridge on it’s own so each time you have to buy the whole thing instead which can be expensive.

    Other online stores offer cheaper cartridges, maybe FunGuyz should consider that as well.

  5. John

    Prices are different 299 online 320 in store

  6. justin (verified owner)

    ok so this is my initial review. may update later as I try a larger dose
    was a fun 10-15 min high very similar to the peak felt on mushrooms but as soon as you need to your focus snaps back to reality and its pretty much over with no lasting effects. will be trying to get a full break through experience at some point.

  7. Ben


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