Penis Envy

Buy Penis envy shrooms at our top-rated online dispensary. They are one of the most potent and psychedelically active Psilocybe cubensis species due to the high concentration of psilocybin and psilocin in their composition. Research on this unique species continues, and its popularity is growing among people seeking to delve into the depths of consciousness and spiritual knowledge.

Average Psilocybin
Average Psilocin
Peak Tryptamine
Table of Contents:
  • Who Discovered Penis Envy and When?
  • Why Are Penis Envy Mushrooms Called This Way?
  • How to Take Penis Envy Mushrooms Safely
  • So, Do You Just Eat Them or What?…
  • Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Variations
  • Popularity and Use of Magical Mushrooms
  • The Final Word

Who Discovered Penis Envy and When?

According to certain historians, the usage of magic mushrooms can be traced back to ancient North African indigenous cultures as early as 9000 B.C. This belief is supported by depictions found in rock paintings from that era. Furthermore, scientists discovered evidence of mushrooms in the form of statues and other artifacts among the ruins of Mayan and Aztec civilizations in Central America.

Indigenous cultures used magic shrooms for spiritual and medicinal purposes. Over time, their cultivation spread to various parts of the world, including North America and Europe. As for the penis envy mushroom, Terence McKenna, a famous ethnobiologist, played a considerable part in their introduction to the world.

According to some anecdotal reports, in the early 1970s, McKenna had an extraordinary encounter during his exploration of the Amazon rainforest. Assisted by knowledgeable local guides, he stumbled upon an abundant and thriving cluster of psychedelic mushrooms. To ensure their safe transport, McKenna employed a clever method of smuggling. He discreetly obtained spore prints from the mushroom culture, carefully concealing them between microscopy slides labelled with an alternative genus name.

Penis Envy Specs

PotencyAbove Average
CultivationBeginner (to Medium)
SpeciesPlisocybe cubensis

Why Are Penis Envy Mushrooms Called So?

At least here, there is no magic. P.E. magic mushroom was called so because it resembled a penis… Their massive size and funny bulbous cap make other mushrooms envy for sure. P.E. mushrooms are relatively easy to grow; you can find their spores in various online stores.

As in wild nature, they love high humidity levels, tropical-like temperatures, aaaand substrate, like cow dung, that makes them slightly less appealing. There is no official documentation to prove this fact, but some believe they may be related to the Freudian term, a female psychosexual development stage.

Penis envy magic mushroom strain appearance

How to Take Penis Envy Mushrooms Safely

When using these unusual shrooms, it is crucial to consider their solid psychoactive properties and follow specific guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience. Penis Envy strain contains 2,9% of psilocybin, making it 3 TIMES more potent than other P. Cubensis species. Even the tiniest bite of P.E. can make you really high. That’s why you should be extremely careful.

P.E. Dosage

As always, everything is individual. Even mushrooms from one harvest can contain different psilocybin levels. Thus, the main rule is to start with low doses and slowly raise them. Here we will list a short guideline with the most crucial parts. For more info, please, visit our dried penis envy mushroom strain page.

  • Microdosing: 0.1 to 0.5 grams. At this dose, there are usually no noticeable psychoactive effects. Use it to improve your mood, creativity, and productivity without significantly altering your consciousness. You can buy penis envy microdosing capsules in our magic mushrooms dispensary and get the best psychedelic experience;
  • Minimal recreational: 0.6 mg to 1 g. Mild psychoactive effects such as improved mood, euphoria, and slight changes in perception usually occur at this dose. We recommend it for beginners or those who want to avoid a solid psychedelic state;
  • Full recreational: 1 to 3 grams. You can expect more substantial effects, such as altered perception of time and space, heightened emotions, synesthesia (perception of one type of sensation through another) and mild hallucinations;
  • High: 3 to 5 grams. Mushrooms cause profound psychedelic effects. It can include intense visual and auditory hallucinations, feelings of oneness with the world around you, intense emotional senses, and sometimes spiritual revelations.
  • Heroic: more than 5 grams at once. A person can experience powerful psychoactive effects that can be extraordinarily intense and unpredictable. Extremely high doses are recommended only for experienced users and under controlled conditions with an experienced trip sitter.

Important: Besides the dosage, it is crucial to consider individual differences such as weight, sensitivity to psychoactive substances, experience, and current psychological state. NEVER mix psilocybin-containing mushrooms with alcohol and medications (Especially with antidepressants), as this may cause unpredictable side effects. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor before using psychoactive substances.


It is the physical and social environment in which the psychedelic experience occurs. Therefore you should determine your experience, which will significantly affect the results. Here are a few steps to take your psychedelic journey better:

  1. Choose a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It could be your home, a friend’s place, or a park you are familiar with that evokes positive emotions. Avoid unfamiliar and crowded places where you may feel stressed or afraid;
  2. Ensure that the chosen place is free of loud noises, bright lights, or other stimuli that can disrupt your experience. Soft lighting, quiet music, and pleasant scents can enhance your experience and help you relax;
  3. Consider having the experience in the company of friends or close people you trust and who support your decision to use psychedelics. An experienced trip sitter can be helpful, especially if you are new or trying a high dose;
  4. Prepare your place ahead of time to focus on your experiences entirely. Ensure you can access drinking water, nutritious snacks, blankets, and other essentials. Prepare in advance a playlist of music or other audio materials that can support your experience;
  5. Ensure you have enough time for the whole experience without any urgent business or commitments. An experience with psychedelics can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the dose and individual response. Consider time for rest and integration after it;
  6. Before beginning the experience, assess your current emotional and mental state. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness, or other negative emotions, consider postponing your journey for a more appropriate time. Your inner state can significantly affect the experience and results, so starting with a good mood and an open mind is best.

With the proper organization,you can maximize the potential of psilocybin mushrooms and provide yourself with a safe, comfortable and positive psychedelic experience.

Get Dried Penis Envy Shrooms Delivered Today

With psilocybin concentration of 2,9%, buy Penis Envy but remember, it is not the option for a faint of heart. It demands careful dosing and at least some experience with magic mushrooms before use. Regardless of all the details, it’s still a guaranteed effective tool for your psychedelic needs.


They are also known as sober sitters, who look after you during a psychedelic experience. They do not use psychedelics during their duties and stay vigilant to provide safety and support to the person going through the experience.

The primary duties of a trip sitter include:

  • Monitoring the physical safety of the person going through the psychedelic experience and preventing potentially dangerous situations such as falls, injuries, or loss of orientation;
  • Providing emotional support and calming the person in case of anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions. They can use active listening techniques, encouragement, and reminders that the experience is temporary and will pass with time;
  • Help in changing the mood in a positive direction by suggesting music, visual stimuli, or activities that can promote a positive experience;
  • Integrating your experiences during and after the psychedelic session by discussing the events, feelings and revelations that arise during the process.

Overall, an essential role of the trip sitter is to be there and provide presence and support. It can help the person feel more comfortable and confident during the experience.

A good trip sitter usually possesses the following qualities:

  • Empathy and sensitivity to the feelings of others;
  • Ability to remain calm and rational in stressful situations;
  • Knowledge of psychedelics, their effects and safety;
  • Ability to communicate and listen without judgment.

A sober co-pilot can be especially helpful for beginners, people with limited psychedelics experience, or those experimenting with high doses. Spotter can make the experience more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable for all participants.

So, Do You Just Eat Them or What?…

Unfortunately, penis envy mushrooms’ psychedelic benefits add nothing to their taste. So, they are chewy and earthy and taste exactly as any other dried mushroom would. You can try eating them fresh, but we don’t recommend doing so.

What are other options besides eating them? Well, shroom connaisseurs thought of dozens of ways of taking magic mushrooms. Making beverages like teas, adding shrooms to other dishes, and creating psilocybin edibles are just a small part of psychedelic culture.

You may have already heard about Lemon Tek, a popular way of consuming magical fungi and lemon juice to strengthen the effects. However, we don’t recommend conducting this trick with P.E. as it is already too powerful without lemons.

Another delightful option is psilocybin chocolate. We have plenty of this in our physical locations in Canada. You can buy magic mushroom chocolate online as well. Feel free to shop around as much as you like. And if you still can’t decide which is best to buy – come to our shop and get excessive online consultation.

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Variations

Identifying psilocybin mushroom varieties, including Penis Envy, can be challenging due to the limitations imposed by their illegal status, which hampers extensive research. However, you can distinguish different Penis Envy varieties by their unique features.

Albino Penis Envy

This particular variation is slightly smaller than the classic Penis Envy. It stands out with a milky white stem, and instead of the cream or tan-coloured cap found in the standard Penis Envy, the Albino displays a captivating deep blue cap.

Penis Envy Uncut

As the name implies, the Uncut variety showcases a cap that remains attached to the stem. It is an Albino crossbreed, renowned for being the most potent among the Penis Envy mushrooms.

Trans Envy

The Trans Envy is a hybrid strain created by crossing the Penis Envy with the South African Transkei variety. Its stems are slender compared to the typical Penis Envy, and the effects tend to be milder due to reduced potency.

Other variations, such as the Albino Penis Envy Revert, Yeti, Pearly Gates and the Penis Envy #6, share similar characteristics but may have slight variations in their effects. It is important to note that additional undiscovered variations within the Penis Envy lineage may indicate the potential for a broader range of varieties in the future.

Strains with Less Silly Names

Popularity and Use of Magical Mushrooms

Psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, ayahuasca and others have become more popular and widely known in recent decades. They have attracted attention in both scientific research and culture. Here are a few reasons why:

  • In recent years, a growing body of scientific research has examined the potential uses of psychedelics in treating various mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction. These studies have shown encouraging results and have attracted the attention of the medical community and the public;
  • Psychedelics became part of pop culture and were associated with various art, music, and literary movements, especially in the 1960s and 1970s. The cultural influence of psychedelics continues to grow, and they have been the subject of conversations, films, books, and documentaries;
  • There has been a trend in some countries and regions to decriminalize or legalize psychedelics for medical and spiritual use. It has led to more people exploring and using psychedelics in various contexts. If it worked with cannabis, it might work the same with shrooms too!;
  • The Internet and social media have made accessing information about psychedelics and their use easier. It allows people to learn more about psychedelics, how to use them safely and responsibly, and find communities and resources to support and share experiences. Probably, some day, psilocybin and dmt vape pens will be legalized like it was with weed;
  • People have always used mushrooms in spiritual and religious practices to achieve transcendental states of consciousness, healing and personal development. Continued interest in spiritual practices and alternative approaches to healing and self-development has contributed to the growing popularity of psychedelics.

The popularity and use of psychedelics continue to grow, and they have become the subject of increasing research interest, public discussion, and cultural influence. It is essential to be mindful of safety and responsibility when using them to reduce risks and ensure the best possible experience for all involved. Responsible use includes awareness of dosage, context, individual sensitivities, potential risks, and respect for cultural and legal frameworks.

The Final Word

A penis envy mushroom is a unique and robust specie of psilocybin mushrooms which cause substantial psychoactive effects. Before using these mushrooms, you must familiarize yourself with how to use them securely. Start with a low dose, especially if you are a beginner, and always follow safety guidelines. This way, you can enjoy the positive and enriching experience that penis envy mushrooms offer as you explore the limits of your mind and perception.